First blog post. Feb. 7, 2017

About my blog


Short Story

ARGONAUT She stretched out her hand to feel the tall grass slide through her little fingers. “ATTENTION! ALERT!” “Do you think I’ll ever go to another planet?” “I don’t know, dear. But, your daddy thinks we’ll have to try if people don’t start taking better care of this one.” “ATTENTION! ALERT!” “But, do you think […]

Entertainment center remodel

Well, here comes December. The weather around here doesn’t seem to realize it yet, so we’ve had some really nice weekends. Which means lots of projects that I normally wouldn’t tackle during winter. I just finished “remodelling” our entertainment center. I picked the base up on a local freecycle group a few years ago and […]

Another Project Done

I like to do big projects on my own timetable. That way I can be mentally prepared and know that, once I start, I don’t have to stop till I’m done. I’m wore out right now. My wife decided to rush me on a sliding door for the laundry room. I still have a few […]

To Do List

My days are often the same and tend to run together. Sleep, work, eat, chores, repeat. Most of the time my chores will include one or two items from my “to do” list.  One of the big, long term chores is finding a better paying job. I was a little excited when AT&T popped up […]

Yay Camping!

Every year for the past four or five years, my son and I have gone camping for a weekend. We chat about girls and life and jobs and guy stuff. It’s a good time and we usually enjoy it.  But last year. Last year it was too hot. And we decided to take off hiking […]

Best Holiday in America!

I have developed the reputation of being a fun sponge. I don’t mind, I think it’s funny. But to be honest, I tend to be either serious about everything or just plain negative. And usually, it’s not something that I plan or try to do on purpose. I just tend to think “realistically”. And that […]