Another Project Done

I like to do big projects on my own timetable. That way I can be mentally prepared and know that, once I start, I don’t have to stop till I’m done.

I’m wore out right now. My wife decided to rush me on a sliding door for the laundry room.

I still have a few tweaks to make, but it functions. 

I started by taking apart some pallets.

I like to do that by cutting through the nails with a big reciprocating saw. It’s annoying, but it keeps the boards a longer length. After measuring everything a dozen times, I decided on some rough measurements and a basic design and started cutting.

I used a borrowed table saw to cut notches the full length of the upright pieces so I could sandwich the slats between them. Then, I sanded everything and laid out to see how it looked.

The next afternoon, I got it all glued together and let it sit for a bit.

Some of the boards were warped, but I have a few bricks. After about an hour I started putting the screws through and just before I finished, I realized that I had a seam in the middle with nothing to join the top and bottom. I improvised and slapped a couple more boards on it and started finishing up.

I don’t have any pictures of measuring the bar or trying to get the door hung. But only because my hands were pretty full and I was already dropping enough stuff.

I had to relocate a light switch to the other side of the wall and then make a cover to put over the hole. 

I put holes in some 2x4s to hold the bar up. But only because the back walls are an add-on and studs are get hard to find. I measured and leveled everthing twice while “dry-fitting” the bar before marking where I wanted it at. 

Hanging it by yourself is not recommended. It was not any fun and I really needed help to do it. 

I lubricated the bar with some WD40 on a rag, but I can already tell that’s not going to be enough. So I’m gonna try some wheel bearing grease later. The floor used to be the back porch, so it slopes a bit. Now I need to trim some off of one corner so it will close all the way. And I’ll have to borrow a hammer drill so I can screw my guides to the floor.

All in all, it was worth the effort and doesn’t really look too bad. The wife is happy it’s done and now I can move on to my next project: fixing a fuel leak on my pick up so I can clean up a big pile of branches.


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