Quick Story

So, I saw a little “saying” thing/meme on Facebook recently about how we need to listen to the stories the older generations have to tell us. Or write them down. Or make an audio recording. Or video them.

With each new year comes a new generation, but also the loss of a generation. I know, an entire generation doesn’t die off every year like it’s a scheduled thing. But, that’s not the point and math was never my strong suit.

So, I’m going to post stories my parents and grandparents have told me through the years. No set schedule, just whenever I happen to remember one. Hopefully, doing this will are a kind of record for myself and my kids about how things used to be. 

They’ll have all the same tags as this post in case anyone wants to come back later and read several or something. Lol.

I’ll try to get at least one posted up today or tomorrow.


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