Quick Story 

My grandpa on my mom’s side was a Baptist preacher. Never went to seminary (he called it cemetary). But was very respected in this area.

Way back before he became a pastor, he worked at a friends’ shop fixing cars in Glenrose, Texas. And I don’t have any kind of beef with Jehovah’s Witness,  but they are in this story.

One morning he was finishing up his breakfast and my grandma saw some Jehovah’s Witnesses pull up in front of the house. She told my grandpa and with a ornery grin on his face, he opened the door and started preaching to them before they even had a chance to say anything. They realized very quickly what was happening and hurried back to there car and left. 

After he finished getting ready for the day, he went over to his friend’s house to help load some part up or something, when the Witnesses pulled in. My grandpa was very ornery when he was alive and loved playing jokes on people. But imagine their surprise when my grandpa opened the door and started preaching at them again! The four very confused people hurried back to their car again.

Later that morning at the repair shop, my grandpa was under a car changing a transmission filter when the Witnesses pulled up. He struggled to keep from laughing as he waited for them to get closer. Finally, he rolled out from under the car and jumped up preaching to them the entire way back to their car.

They were never seen in the town again.


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