Entertainment center remodel

Well, here comes December. The weather around here doesn’t seem to realize it yet, so we’ve had some really nice weekends. Which means lots of projects that I normally wouldn’t tackle during winter.

I just finished “remodelling” our entertainment center. I picked the base up on a local freecycle group a few years ago and patched it up and added to it until it came out looking like this:

There’s one more little shelf right under the tv that I never got a picture of, but you get the point. It’s big, it’s bulky, and it holds a bunch of movies.

But, my wife was tired of looking at the living room the wag it was, so she decided it needed to be a corner unit. 

So I cut in half and folded it.

I took it apart first:

This is the original tv stand that I started with:

I had to cut new end pieces and bottom shelves to get the look I was going for:

And then added a “shelf” across them for the tv to sit on:

I painted all the new pieces with appliance enamel (I don’t know why). And scrounged around my countless buckets and cans for all the right hardware.

There’s another separate shelf that goes right above the tv and fastens to the wall, but I haven’t had time to cut it in half yet. It will also have a top board added to it to make a shelf for the router to sit on. 

Well there’s one project pretty much finished. I have a dog pen that I’m still working on and a small bit of plumbing, but I’m not sure when I’ll get those finished. 


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