My Story

I’m a relatively typical white male from the southern United States. I’m married with two kids. I have a house and three vehicles. 

And that’s about where any similarities between me and my contemporary counterparts end.

I was raised in a Southern Baptist Church and taught the most far-left conservative way of thinking that you could imagine. Most grandparents are too liberal for my liking.

I was home schooled, along with my sister, so I’ve always felt smarter than any of my friends. And I usually was.

Never could afford to go to college, so I took automotive classes at the local vo-tech. Now, I sell parts at a Ford dealership.

I enjoy do-it-yourself projects and building things out of wood and metal without plans. But, I really dislike having to fix things in my house. Especially plumbing.

Certain members of my family are gun-toting rednecks in every sense of the term. They even run a gun range where they teach safety classes and certification for open carry permits.

My goal is to one day publish a novel and then a book series. I’ve manage to write a portion of the middle third of my novel. And rushed through a few short stories.