Yay Camping!

Every year for the past four or five years, my son and I have gone camping for a weekend. We chat about girls and life and jobs and guy stuff. It’s a good time and we usually enjoy it. 

But last year. Last year it was too hot. And we decided to take off hiking as soon as the tent was up. Bad idea. I got sick and we left the next morning.

So this year, we played it safe. Took our time, sat around, drank a lot of water. Waited till evening and took a short hike.

Everything was going very well. Even though we finished in the dark.

Till our big hike the next day.

We like to go to a different state park every time, but this year was special. My son graduated high school this past May, so he picked where we went. The place he picked has a seventeen mile trail that he really wanted to hike. No big deal, we can do that.

But July was not a good choice for when to go.


We made it about four hours in and had to go back. Two reasons for that: first, we’re not “experienced” hikers. We can walk and follow a trail. Until the trail and it’s markers disappear, then we’re just wandering aimlessly.

 Second reason for going back: ticks.

I won’t show you those pictures. It was not good. It was in fact, pretty bad. We couldn’t slow down or stop to rest without being swarmed by the little buggers. 

I passed out from pushing to get back to the camp as soon as I was sitting down. My son woke me up so we could get to work getting all the ticks off. 

After struggling with them for a couple hours, we were satisfied that we had removed them all. So we packed up and went hime a day early. Again.

That was five days ago and we haven’t shown any signs of being sick, so I’m hoping we can escape without a trip to the hospital.

But at least we learned some very important lessons. Bug spray, fall weather, and shorter hikes are all a must for us.


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