April 20, 2017

Well, here I am. Eights days since my last post. Struggling to come up with something to write. My job has completely wore me out. I am emotionally, financially, and mentally exhausted.

I expect some kind of “horseplay” from my coworkers, but daily harassment has me looking for a new job.

I know the economy in my area is tight and the place I work is in a slump, but almost ten years with only one raise has me looking for a new job.

Cost of living is up. Intelligence of my coworkers is down. And the demands of our customers exceed what we are even capable of doing.

I have a really hard time seeing the positive side of anything lately. If I vocalize most of my concerns, I’d probably be put on suicide watch. I don’t have any intention of ending my life early though, so stay calm.

At this point in my life, I’m going to have to make a drastic change to make life better for me and my family. Completely different career path and maybe even move to a different state.

I understand life is a struggle and that’s what makes having things worth while. But, I’m seriously about to take a never-ending walk. 

I guess on the bright side, I’m finally reading “The Assassin’s Blade”. And then I’ll have to reread the rest of the Throne of Glass series. It’s almost too good to put down.

I got my grandpa’s old pickup and I’ve driven it a few times. It needs a lot of work still, but it’s getting there.

I think my wife and I are doing better with our relationship, I’m trying to make sure to listen and talk to her more.

My son graduates high school in a couple weeks. My wife made contact with his biological dad to let him know when and where in case he wanted to come. So we’ll see if he shows up and how that goes.

My poor daughter had to have three of her baby teeth pulled to make room for her permanent teeth. She was really struggling this morning with her breakfast.

I also want to say Thank You! To you reading this. I know I complain a lot and nobody really wants to listen to that. So thank you for putting up with me and taking the time to read what I so randomly write.


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