March 20, 2017

I’ve been slacking off on posting. I’m a terrible person and I know everyone probably uses the same excuses I have:”I’m too tired to write”, “my family is already all in bed”, “I haven’t really had time”.

To be honest it has been quite a bit busier than I like. And not the good kind of busy.

Friday, my wife decided that we needed to start working on our relationship because she doesn’t think we have one. Saturday, one of my new water pipes mysteriously came apart and had to be fixed. Then Sunday………..I can’t even remember Sunday.

I hate that. I know I did laundry and cooked. But after that, I have no idea what all I did or if anything happened.

Today coming back to work was the typical pain in the butt. I really dislike being associated with most of my coworkers because of their behaviour. Hopefully I can get some applications filled out this week a find a better paying job somewhere else.

Not that more money would make my coworkers more tolerable, but I haven’t had a raise in over five years. It’s way past time to find a new job. And different coworkers would be nice anyway.

My wife and son have also decided that since he doesn’t want to write essays and apply for scholarships, not to go to the college he picked last year. Now that all of his enrollment stuff is done. They want to try to switch everything over to a small local college that has nothing to offer. Because it’s cheaper and less work.

After weekends like this, I can almost understand why deadbeat dads exist. Not that I’m gonna become one, but if my family decides they can give up before trying, then I should be able to refuse to help with anything. Right?

Why should I put in hours of work just to have them decide that it’s not worth it when it’s his turn to do something? 


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