March 13, 2017

Day 2 of our spring break adventures.

 We overslept, but we don’t care. It’s colder than we need it to be. We’re on our way to Wichita. Gonna visit the Exploration Place, eat lunch, then brave the temperatures for a trip to the zoo.

Bit of a rough start, we wanted to be to the Exploration Place before 10am, but we just managed to get to Wichita in time to eat a quick lunch. We’ve stopped at NuWay burgers. Not too bad, filled me up fast though.

Made it to the Exploration Place, only to find out its closed on Mondays. On to the zoo!

The zoo was almost empty-cause of the temperatures. Seemed like almost no animals were out yet and then we came to the lion pen. He was laying out on a giant rock and then stood up for a Lion King moment.

Going around the corner we stopped at the Leopard and watched her pace back and forth before we went in to look at the Tigers. We got lucky and arrived just in time for them to do there little talk and feed them! Best part of the trip.

We kept on going and eventually got to the tropical building. Our glasses all fogged over as soon as we opened the door. But after they cleared up we went through the next door and they had a bunch of random birds running around loose. It was really fun to walk through.

After that was the reptile and amphibian building. Thanks to those last two weeks ended up not getting out till about 10 minutes after they closed.

Definitely worth the trip and woulda been even better with warmer weather and more animals.

Supper was really good at Redrock Canyon Grill. And the portions were pretty good sized.

Finally made it home just after 10, completely wiped out.


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