March 12, 2017

I know, I know. I didn’t post yesterday. Or the day before. But today starts our spring break adventures, so I figured I’d take a bit of a break.

We slept in and then picked a direction and started driving. I made a game board spinner so we take turns shining to see how long we drive the direction we’re going. When we get there the next person spins and picks a direction. F7n so far.

We’ve made it to Piedmont so far. A one hour trip in almost two, lol. We’ve stopped to eat an early lunch at a local Asian/American diner. It’s small, but they have a huge menu. I got the local burger and my wife is trying the moo goo gye pan (sp?). Son got a salad and daughter is eating sweet and sour chicken.

After meandering on back roads, we finally turned south and headed to the guitar store so my son could quit pouting. We spent about an hour in there while my wife and daughter walked around Gordman’s. 

After that, we drove over to a large mall and walked around a couple times trying to get an appetite for supper. Finally decided to go look for food. Settled on Italian, so we picked Bravo!. A place close by that we’d never been to.

The kids’ “breadstick” was a build-your-own mini Pizza! That was so cool. The food was pretty good and pretty expensive. My daughter got lasagne, but it had rocatta cheese and sausage and she only ate one bite.

After we ate, we came straight back home and arrived right around 10 pm. Not a bad trip for no plan or destination.


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