March 4, 2017

Today was a busy day. I was on call, so I had to be up and able to answer the phone at 8 am. And the, I’d promised a couple customers that I’d check in the freight and set their parts out for them before 10am. 

Managed to get that done and went over to the church we attend so I could help with the work day they were having. I patched up the pool table in the youth room.

Grabbed some pizza for lunch and then headed home. Took my son to work as soon as we finished and then went back home again.

My wife was getting ready to head of to a Tipsy Artist class, so I the house and my daughter the rest of the day.

All of this sounds pretty run of the mill. Except I have a scar on my eye from my high school days that dries out every couple years. 

Yesterday was it’s “warm up” day for causing me problems. Super sensitive to light and any wind. Plus random jolts of pain if I keep it open too long. By the end of the day it was swollen half shut and hurting almost constantly.

And yes, they could try a laser surgery to smooth it out, but the three doctors I’ve been to don’t want to try it until they’ve tried everything else first. And it’ll cost me somewhere around ten grand since I have no insurance.

But life would be pointless without some hurdle or problem to work through .


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