February 26, 2017

OH MY GOSH!!! I can’t believe I forgot to post an entry Saturday! I was ready to tell everyone all about driving my pickup to town. And how the darn thing has problems keeping it’s speed up. And that the cruise control actually works.

And then I was gonna talk about how I had the whole house to myself the entire afternoon. That my wife got her concert tickets ordered to go see SHINee in concert next month. And that her and my daughter ate a late enough lunch I didn’t have to cook supper for anyone.

I was also gonna mention that I’m gonna go ahead and change out spot in my plumbing before it causes a problem later. And that the water heater has started making a new noise. I think it’s gonna quit one soon.

But, since that was Saturday and this is Monday, I guess I’ll just keep it all to myself. I mean, can’t post an entry two days late right?


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