February 23, 2017

Wow, I was starting to wonder if I was going to get this posted or not. It’s lunchtime on the 24th, and it’s been a hectic day and a half for me.

Thursday morning started off normal for me. I had some more parts arrive for my pickup, so I had a pretty good idea how my evening was gonna go. I was close, but only about half right.

My wife decided we needed to go out to eat as a family since everyone was free. So I didn’t get to start on my truck as early as I wanted. I got the back tires put on and the dash put back together (it’s gonna need some glue though). And then four spark plugs changed. From 7:30ish till after 10. Way longer than it should have taken me. 

So hopefully I can get caught up with that Friday evening. I plan on driving it around this weekend, so I kinda need to finish up what I started.

Since I cook the meals from Friday night till Sunday night, it may be difficult to get any work done. But, we shall see.


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