February 13, 2017

I gotta say this is kinda fun. I’ve never really kept any kind of journal.

My day almost started like normal, except I didn’t want to get out of bed, so I ended up running a little late.

Got to work and went through my normal routine. I sell parts at a Ford dealership and typically get to help customers at the front counter. Today one of my coworkers got stuck trying to help someone for over 30 minutes. He’s not really a people person and we usually finish up with customers in less that fifteen minutes. So this was hilarious for me to watch.

Took supper home so my wife wouldn’t have to cook and sat and watched one of her TV shows with her. 

She’s not really into the commercialization of Valentine’s and believes that if you have a day scheduled every year to be romantic that it’s completely pointless. So I’ll wait and give her her present after I get home from work, lol.

I’m just the opposite: everything has to be planned, scheduled, and budgeted for. If not, it doesn’t get done.

During one of the slower moments at work yesterday I was scrolling through pinterest looking at writing prompts. I’ve picked two that “pinged” an idea in my brain and I’m gonna put them together to make another short story. So, if that’s why you follow me, watch for that. I’m hoping to have it posted by the end of the month.

My daughter has such a soft spot for animals. She was reading a book from school about a dog and it came to a part where some guys think it has rabies so they shoot it. And she came into the living room bawling cause they killed the dog. I read a couple chapters ahead while my wife comforted her and then I let her know that the dog didn’t die. That cheered her up a little.

During my lunch break, I pulled my car into the shop so I could change the oil. I only drained about three quarts out of it and it’s supposed to have four and a half. Which explains the rattling in the engine. Oops.


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