February 11, 2017

At some point I’ll come up with better titles. But since this is mostly an online journal, the date will have to do.

Started my day early with the cat running back and forth wanting fed. So I went and checked my water lines, still good there.

Got myself around and took my son out for driving practice before band practice. He’s doin okay, but he failed the test, so we’re working on a few things.

After lunch and taking him to work, I put my plumbing to the test and washed a load of laundry. No problems, so I headed outside to enjoy the gorgeous weather.

Had my daughter come outside to play while I cleaned out my pickup. It’s gonna be a project and a half, but I really needed a pickup and it was free. My wife and daughter ended up taking a really long walk around town and then made me take a break and go to a local coffee shop with them. They serve Gelato and sorbet, so we had “ice cream” before supper.

Supper was good. I cook from Friday evening to Sunday evening so my wife has a break from it. Tonight I tried making faux Chicken pot pie and it tasted pretty good. Even though I forgot to put the chicken in, oops.

Sat in bed and played games on phone to finish off the day and ended up staying up way later than I should have.


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