February 10, 2017

Well, the morning started with the water line I just fixed coming apart. So after I got home, I cut more out and redid it all again. 23rd time’s a charm?

Work was pretty slow today, didn’t really have a lot to do. So I got my short stories posted like I said I would. They’re not great and I never did any editing.

After work I had to sit for an hour and wait on my brother in law to show up with his pickup so we could go get a big computer desk. Then fix my daughter a sandwich. Then fix the plumbing. Then go pick my son up from work. Then fix me a sandwich. And finally, around midnight, I got to sit down and take a break. 

I tried playing some games on my phone to unwind, but I ended up dozing off instead.

It seemed more hectic than it was. 

Hopefully, I’ll be home long enough Saturday to leave the water on so I can watch for leaks.


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