Writing Prompt!

You can’t disguise fangs. The only option is basically to quit talking. And that’s why everyone thinks I’m a mute.

Granted, it does have its positive aspects: no one ever really expects an answer, people will confess anything since they don’t think they’ll be judged, and my personal favorite, no one notices any blood stains.

It can get a bit lonely, not having anyone to talk to. I’ve “befriended” of of a few different people, hoping that I can find someone to trust with my secret. But so far, all I’ve found is a few tasty “snack buddies”.

I did meet someone promising this morning. They’re about the quietest person I’ve met yet. They spend most of their time on their phone, probably on Facebook or Tumblr. I think they have a lot friends, every time I sit at their table they tell me all about what different people are doing.

I’ll spend a little more time getting to know them, this peculiar human with colorful hair. I’ll sit quietly listening to their stories and hope they don’t notice how pale I am or the way my mouth kinda bulges a little on the sides. If nothing else, I’ll have them for my next meal.

I am getting a little hungry.

And they seem well-fed.


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