Writing Prompt!

At the first stop, he sits down. His neat suit nearly shining in the florescent light. He sets his briefcase between his feet and pulls out his phone. Checking his calendar for the day, he sets a couple reminders and sends a text to his wife that he should be home in time for supper. He takes little notice of the people around him as he continues preparing for his day.

He disembarks at the station closest to his office and the train continues without him.

In two more stops, a middle-aged lady sit down. She seems to be in a hurry, but the single shopping bag she set next to her is a sure sign that she is just getting started. She carefully checks her make up and rushes out the door at the next stop.

Before the doors can close, a trio of junior high schooler dash in and plop down. The obvious leader of the group sits in the middle and begins jabbering excitedly. They’ve never played hooky before, but the chance to catch a glimpse of the actress was too tempting.

They glance around nervously when they realize how noisy they are, but none of the adults seem to pay much attention. The train slows at their stop and the rush out as soon as the doors open.

The next four stops pass without any one sitting here. At the fifth, a punk rocker sits down roughly. He’s exhausted after being out playing the drums in his band at three different gigs. He struggles to keep himself awake while audibly planning how to get ready for work as quickly as he can. He’s so tired and focused, he almost misses his stop and barely makes it out before the door closes.

The lunchtime rush sees the trio of school girls reclaim their seats they had before. They sit dejectedly, hoping that their wasted trip doesn’t get them in trouble. Watching the crowd, the quietly get off at the station closest to their school, hoping to sneak in and finish the day without anyone realizing they’d been absent.

As soon as they are up, a mother and her toddler take the seat. The little one sits on her mother’s lap, fiddling with her toy keys and taking in every new sight she can. Her mother checks the time on her phone and sighs. She’s going to be a few minutes late, but that can’t be helped with crowds during the lunch hour. She gets up and moves out the door after a few stops and the seat remains empty for the rest of the hour.

The next passenger to sit, is a heavy-set construction foreman. The rain on his shirt and discouragement on his face, show signs that the delays are costing the company too much. Maybe the weathermen will be right this time and the week long storms that have held up progress with dissipate tonight. It’d be nice for his crews be be able to get back on the site so they can start getting paid again. He gets off the train after four stops and trudges home.

The conductor walks by after parking at a service station and picks up random trash. The train will end up sitting here for a few days while the repairmen wait on some part to arrive.


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