February 9, 2017

My daughter has an ipod dock for an alarm so she can wake up to whatever music she’s in the mood for, and this morning it was “I Got You” by Thompson Square. This is funny because we’re not really into country music.

The day went pretty good, I’ve been struggling with little leaks in my plumbing and it seems to be holding so far. I didn’t leave it on when I left the house since no one would be there all day to watch it.

No real crises at work today, it was even a little slow. That always makes the day go a little better.

My wife found a used desk that she can do her sewing at for 20 bucks. She’s excited cause it’s quite a bit bigger than what she’s been using.

After I got home, I kept a close eye on the water line I had to repair and didn’t really do much else. I ran the shower for awhile to make sure it was gonna be okay. 

All in all, it was a pretty routine day.


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