February 7, 2017

Well, today went about the same as always. Work, chores, sleep.

Kinda helped my daughter with writing her first report for school. I made her an outline and did my best to tell her how to use it. Her report came out pretty good, but I think she had a lot of help from mommy, lol.

Been struggling with plumbing problems for a couple months now and found another leak in the hot water line. *sigh

Had time to get most of the clean laundry folded before I had to leave and get my son from work. Hopefully I’ll get a chance to work on some more driving practice this week and then go take him for the test again.

A Facebook friend posted a list of shortcut codes for finding subgenres on Netflix, so we sat and played with that while we ate supper. Mostly just looking for something new to watch.


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